CôtéSushi's offer is built around 3 funamentals

A perfect balance between two cultures

At CôtéSushi's the mouthfuls of Japan are tangled with a Peruvian touch. Through its original and unusual recipes CôtéSushi makes you discover the Nikkei gastronomy. A colorful, visual, spicy and tasty Peruvian cuisine, worked with Japanese precision and technicality.

Nikkei cuisine originated in the Second World War when the Japanese immigrated to South America. They then import their traditional cuisine which they are forced to revisit with local products. The avocado, being certainly the most known ingredient of this fusion cuisine.

A hundred years later, Cote Sushi is inspired by this unique know-how in order to propose seductive and creative recipes whose exceptional and surprising flavors explode in the mouth.

A diversified offer

Precursor of Nikkei cuisine in France, we offer our customers a wide choice of dishes.
If Cote Sushi proposes the famous Japanese recipes (sushi, california, chirashi ...), the card has nothing similar to those imagined and agrees to all tastes. At CôtéSushi, the Nikkei hot dishes will reconcile all the taste buds and make the happiness of a clientele who would not appreciate the raw fish.

Cold (ceviches and tiradito) or hot (noodles, donburi, quinoa), the Peruvian specialties make up the creative collections of CôtéSushi and inspire the recipes of sushi, makis, yakitori and chic rolls cooked in Peruvian sauce.

Quality first


It is by selecting products of first choice that perfection is found. CôtéSushi is committed to responsible and sustainable fishing, banning the use of threatened species and guaranteeing eco-certified fish.

Product Quality

We strive to offer our customers noble products: royal crab, salmon heart from Petrossian ... All our dishes are prepared at the moment to guarantee an optimal freshness.


We limit the use of plastic as much as possible. Most of our packaging is made of recyclable cardboard.


The staff at CôtéSushi is trained in HACCP hygiene standards and our outlets are serviced on a daily basis to maintain perfect hygiene.

Strategy and communication

A strong visual identity

CotéSushi is a strong brand built around an innovative concept easily recognizable by all. Establishing a visual identity faithful to our concept and identical whatever the shop therefore indispensable.

The concept Nikkei is present in the architecture of our shops, as in our dishes. You will find on the one hand, Japanese culture characterized by the sobriety of its spaces, and on the other hand Peru rich of a craft culture high in colors and patterns.

In the same spirit, our packagings and various communication media are totally inscribed in the codes of the brand.

To finish, all the staff clothing and accessories are logotyped in the colors of CôtéSushi.

Digital Strategy

Establishing a solid positioning on the web is essential in the development of a brand. To do this, we invest a significant part of our budget in the development of our digital strategy.

Targeted and controlled investments

We work with several agencies to define and implement our operations on the net.

All campaigns are monitored by headquarters and are reported in order to monitor the profitability of the actions and to implement corrective actions if necessary.

A cross-platform control system

40% of the orders are made online, we are present on all digital media to please our customers.

At their disposal :

  • A website
  • An iPhone and iPad app
  • A mobile site


Each year, a commercial action plan is drawn up. It lists the events and operations that will animate the network. To this end, various tools allow us to implement it:

  • Web supports (Website, newsletter, google ...): to be in direct contact with our customers and to inform them daily of all actions implemented by the brand.
  • The print (Menus, Flyers, PLV, Corporate card ...): according to the campaigns, adapted media are created and made available to the different restaurants.
  • Press relations : To relay our activities, we solicit journalists, critics or bloggers.ÊThis allows us to spread our message to a wider and focused audience.